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Standon Calling Festival 2015 w/ Basement Jaxx

 Standon Calling Festival

31st July - 3rd August
Standon Lordship
SG11 1PR Standon, Hertfordshire
Info/ Tickets
Join us in the stunning grounds of Standon Lordship for the 10th glorious year of Standon Calling Festival. Prepare yourself for a weekend offering the perfect mix of music, partying and a healthy dose of unexpected surprises.
Much more than simply a music festival, Standon Calling promises a three-day party with a heated swimming pool, nightclub in a cowshed (with a 5am license), fancy dress procession, the annual dog show, immersive theatre, interactive art installations and much, much more. 
This year the one and only Basement Jaxx will bring our 10th birthday party to a crescendo on the Sunday night. Over the next few weeks we will be making  our biggest line-up announcement to date and we promise that Basement Jaxx really are the benchmark of things to come.
Independent, intimate and just 40 minutes from London, Standon Calling is as much a overgrown house party as it is festival and offers a completely unique festival experience.
Buy your tickets now to make sure you don't miss out:
Watch the 2014 highlights here:

RE: LEAF 2015 -Tobacco Dock- Nile Rogers, Modeselektor ++

Read our Chris Liebing DJ Focus here >

We're really looking forward to Chris' return to LEAF on March 7th!

Grab your tickets for the LEAF: Club event here:

Police and Government. Severe pain.(rape). Must read.

 The US Government and Police departments of this country are now installing devices into your body to create severe pain.

They are installing devices into your head,mouth,shoulder,penis,vagina, once these devices are installed you automatically black out at night, they then proceed to enter your home, and install more of this crap into your body. 

They want to hear every conversation you are having and control every aspect of your life, all in effort to line their pockets with money, with disregard to your life, and your family's life.

Help stop this atrocity by spreading the word to as many people as possible.  Help stop the rape of you and your family by spreading the word and giving this message to as many people as possible.
Beware, the police and government are now having undercover friends drug you, put you to sleep, and install tiny microphones into your mouth and skull. Side effects may include severe pain, accidents that were not your fault.

When you go to sleep, you black out, and the government and police break into your home and rape you, and install more of these chips into your body.

Spread the word. Don't let new friends sleep over.

Tell all your friends, its only a matter of time before it effects you.

Signs that this has happen to you, 

1. severe tooth pain.
2. your anus was loose when you woke up.
3. your girlfriends vagina has some kind of bump in it.
4. unexplainable pain randomly, throughout the day.
5. stomach pain, cant crap. anal pain.
6. severe migranes
7. burns on your body, (white stains on your skin).

things to do to annoy the police and government that are listening to you through unuathorized taps into your body. (this helps kill some of these in your body and flush them out)

1. making slirping sounds with your mouth.
2. try to stay up for over 48 hours without going to sleep, try to take a lot of craps.
3. monster energy drink.
4. avoid eating out, try cooking at home.
5. avoid shady doctors and clinics.
6. lots of bread and crapping.
7. after meals use a plastic toothpick to clean your teeth.
8. boiling hot showers.
9. only eat canned food.
10. invest in security cameras for your home.
11. sit out in the sun, tan your skin till black or burnt.
12. sit in a dry sauna. a lot of water.
13. sweat as much as possible.
14. as a last resort, if problems persists, find the point of pain on skin and cut a "v" shape on the spot where pain if coming from. please use this as a last resort.

watch what you say, some money hungry rat is listening to every word you say. 
The police and government are now installing tiny microscopic microchips into your mouth and body so they can listen to every word you are saying. 

Don't come to los angeles, everyone in the town is a government or police rat.

Don't let strangers sleep over at your house. Avoid sleepover for our children.

These same devices installed into your body create severe pain at the discretion of the police department or government agency. 

It's in everything you own, you visit a doctor, he sticks it into your body.

In the food you eat.

In your tire ..............

Watch out, be careful what you say and do.

RE: The Prince Of Wales, Brixton - Highlights w/ Greg Wilson +

ITCHY FEET on 31ST JAN has nearly sold out!
Better act soon folks...

We'll be joined by Temple Funk Collective and its gonna get rowdy

Mixed @ Village Underground -March 28 w/ XXXY, Trus’me

 LWE presents Mixed

The last weekend of every month
March 28th
10pm – 4am
Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane
+ special guest
Following on from the first two shows we’ve called on a diverse range of producers for this one at Village Underground.  
Rupert Taylor, aka XXXY, has been involved in music all his life, but he's really made a name for himself over the last few years with his modern take on garage cross rhythms and dubby bass lines, with the sound palette of classic house and techno jams. The Mancunian now residing in Berlin has released on the likes of Waze & Odyssey’s label, Street Tracks, remixed Ghost Poet and still holds down a monthly show on Rinse FM.
Trus’me immersed himself in all types of music from a young age, which has meant his productions flaunt sounds from a whole hybrid of genres. Consistently creative with his DJ sets, the use of sampling in his tracks has stamped a unique hallmark across his club driven sounds. Having remixed for acts such as LCD Soundsystem, Motor City Drum Ensemble & Alton Miller, he has also collaborated with Chez Damier. 
PLUS we’ve got a very special DJ performance coming from an artist that has releases on the Young Turks and more. All will be revealed soon!
Rooted in house, Mixed will explore the breath of the scene to celebrate eclecticism and the cross pollination of styles in electronic music. With the aim to showcase revolutions in the genre, Mixed will draw on forward thinking artists that have redefined styles through originality in the studio and innovation in the club.
Mix comp
We are looking for one DJ to win a mini residency at the series, starting at the February show. Run in association with Mixcloud, Point Blank will also provide an 8-week online production course as an additional prize for the winner. Listen to the entries and enter here:
In association with Mixcloud, Point Blank and Fact Mag.

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