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    Ricardo Marinoni (aka Chozen) lights up the Summer with his anthemic new video, ‘Name and Face.’ Chozen was inspired to make music after watching his cousin Neutrino PKA begin his musical career on pirate radio and release songs independantly on white label as part of DJ and MC duo ‘Oxide and Neutrino,’ then achieve enormous success with the No1 single ‘Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty).’ His cousin’s journey motivated Chozen to follow his path and make quality music rather than following different, negative paths which surrounded him at the time.

    ‘Name and Face’s’ raw, gritty video expresses both Chozen’s ambition and his prodigious talent. This talent has already been noted by a variety of tastemakers with NME Mag writing ‘if the world were looking for a new champion of punk spirit and speaker shredding street swagger, then ChozenOfficial may just be the man.’ Coming from South London, Chozen’s authentic, genuine sound, brings a fresh vibrancy to the UK scene, and incorporates a cornucopia of influences ranging from classical, to Bassment Jaxx to Wiley.

    Chozen’s classical influences are evident in the melodic chords present throughout ‘Name and Face,’ act as the skilled architects of the track’s minimalist production, which provides the perfect canvas Chozen’s poignant, hard-hitting lyrics. He raps that he’s ‘always known to lead the sheep in this concrete jungle, a true shepherd,’ exhorting his fans to never ‘surrender’ to the obstacles facing them in life. Chozen’s flow is authentic and takes no prisoners.

    Ricardo plays an active role in encouraging young people in his area to achieve their full potential in life. This role was noted by the Huffington Post, who wrote ‘Ricardo Marinoni changed his circumstances by making changes in his life , and is calling on his community to do the same by voting’ in a feature published shortly before the UK’s recent general election. In support of his community Chozen also performed at the Hammersmith Apollo as part of an anti-knife campaign, ‘School of Comedy,’ at the invitation of Sir Lenny Henry and Paulette Randall MBE. In keeping with this dedication to his community the video for ‘Name and Face’ is not shot in the plush settings of a rented villa, but at an illegal rave in an abandoned building outside of London with his friends. In spite of his increasing success Ricardo remains as honest and grounded as his music.

    Chozen now looks to take his cutting-edge sound global.

    Watch the brand new video for ‘Name and Face’ on Vevo right now

    Contact ChozenOfficial on:
    Twitter : @ChozenOfficial
    Or on his official site :

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