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    Cold Charlie pulls no punches on his intense debut album NI4NI. The Montreal rapper’s music offers a relentless social commentary. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-going pop album, look elsewhere. NI4N is dark, introspective, sometimes aggressive and fascinating. Most importantly Cold Charlie has created a unique, blisteringly powerful sound.
    Listeners will be grateful that NI4NI’s album artwork carries the warning ‘Parental Advisory:Explicit Bass,’ as this bass sounds like a volcano erupting right in front of their face. Unlike many other rappers, Charlie’s passion for music was initially sparked by rock as he listened to legendary bands such as Pink Floyd, before finding affinity with the politically conscious rap of artists such as NWA and Ice T which brought the 1980s to a close in a furious musical crescendo. Charlie then combined the two genres as he wanted to shatter what he perceived as common illusions about society, using rap as a platform to present his worldview.
    It is not easy to drive a musical bulldozer through social convention. However, with tracks such as ‘Death is taxes’ Charlie is intent on highlighting the deep flaws he sees in the political system in which we all live. Charlie’s vision of the world is conveyed with some imaginative lyrics and an excellent choice of beats. One of the purposes of art is to creatively convey different ways of looking at the world in an entertaining and creative manner. NI4NI does just that.

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