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    RGRT ft. Abel Miller’s new single “Get Down Low” is the perfect tropical infusion of exotic electronic music combined seamlessly with pop and RnB influenced vocals. A sweet escape and reminder of things to come, this is the perfect music to bring the fun back into your life. It’s the kind of song that will make your spirit soar and remind you of those simmering days and long steamy nights of summer.

    A well traveled DJ with over 10 years playing and hosting international celebrity parties and destination festivals, RGRT knows what it takes to move dancefloors.
    Having lent tour support to international recording artists such as Usher, Akon, Neyo 50 Cent, UB40, The Supremes, Ginuwine, and Macklemore as a DJ (DJ Rugrat), RGRT is a true professional and multi-talented creative visionary.

    From the influences of his travels through South-East Asia and the inspirations from his very own diverse background, RGRT has successfully managed to evolve the traditional sound of HOUSE and EDM. Instead he pushes the boundaries and brings his own style into the party scene.

    As a producer, RGRT delivers extremely smooth and versatile musical productions that work well for any DJ interested in making dancefloors feel their very best. Growing up listening to Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, as well the traditional sound of his Indian heritage, RGRT has developed a natural flare for when it comes to choosing and combining different music genres.

    It’s this incredible talent that has enabled him to achieve his perfect sound. He manages to infuse an exotic and tropical vibe to his music that can be played anywhere and anytime to experience those feel good summer vibes all year round.

    New single “Get Down Low” perfectly encapsulates this feeling and is the perfect summer warmup and future festival classic. Transporting you to a whole new definition of paradise through a transformative new music experience is what RGRT achieves so well.
    From the very first beat, RGRTs music has the incredible power to get your body dancing and mind grooving. No matter who you are with or where you are, you’re guaranteed to feel incredibly immersed in the sounds of RGRT. Shake off the winter and step into the light; RGRT ft. Abel Miller’s “Get Down Low” is the perfect way to get your mind, body and spirit ready for sun, fun and adventure of those long summer days to come.

    Paradise awaits…
    Be sure to check out RGRT ft. Abel Miller’s hot new single “Get Down Low”!
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