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    Ethereal and expansive, Jamie Lightt’s new 5 song E.P. “Rituals” explores the fertile landscape of love. Capturing the romantic, blissful, jaded and obsessed moments which seem to come up so much during conquests of the heart. “Rituals” touches on timeless themes in unique and memorable new ways. R&B Music at its finest, this is the sound of sleepless nights and early mornings.

    “Rituals” is held together with tight, bass heavy productions that balance abstract atmospherics with pitch shifted vocals and tension which helps the rich lyrical content to shine. This is deep and mind expanding music. A rich thread in the global tapestry of contemporary urban music.

    The 5 tracks of “Rituals”: “3:56”, “Run Like River”, “The Front”, “Bunk” and “Special Occasion”, explore themes of: make up sex, arguments, obsessions, cheating, love and hate, a lot of these things we seem to always put ourselves through as part of our daily Rituals, sometimes we fear these things but still have a need for them.

    Born and raised in Southend-on-sea; a small town in Essex in the United Kingdom, Jamie began laying down melodies and lyrics from the age of 8, performing at local talent shows and events. With a true passion for music, Jamie held onto his dream to create unforgettable music like his idols Michael Jackson and Prince.

    Lightt attended The British Academy of New Music and The Miskin Theatre. Along the way he found a true production ally in The Kode. Together, Jamie Lightt and The Kode created Ninth Park Records on which “Rituals” is released. These young artists look forward to many

    Stay tuned for upcoming releases on Ninth Park Records and be sure to check out Jamie Lightt’s new E.P. “Rituals”!

    “Absent Kelly introducing Jamie Lightt”
    Catch an intimate Jamie Lightt acoustic set on 9th Feb 2018 at 299 The Venue
    299 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN.

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