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  • Dmitri
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    Hey guys, I’m sure that there will be enough producers around to get into the purpose of my questions.

    I myself have been doing music for quite a while, and getting mu music out there to people, i.e. soundcloud followers etc, has always been quite time and resource consuming for men. I have one to many things to do, than promotion and etc. A while ago, after releasing a remix for one incredible 22 years old tech house label, I met a dead comrade of mine now, and he share the idea to increase your soundcloud followers via a follower bot, but not the average bot, but a clever tool to help build real soundcloud followers, based on good music. That’s where we started the Currently it’s only for Mac OSX users only and you choose who to follow, based on let’s say your favourite labels followers as long of course you have the same style. Still, once that is said, do you think producers should use such automation tools, when they are meant to reach targeted people, who have a high chance of liking your music?

    This is not a million dollars startup, so please cut that sh*t out and try to be a bit constructive for me where, thank you.

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    Sko Vix
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    You can’t get real soundcloud followers via bot. I’m writing this because maybe someone will read this topic. Don’t be fooled! There is no such bot or at least there is no bot that you can afford not being wealthy enough to hire a real person to do it for you.

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