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  • Damian
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    A New Chapter in the New York City Underground

    Foundation is an awakening.

    It is an attempt to bring back the magic of years past which has been lost with time. Our goal is to reverse that which has been lost.

    This is for the new generation who never had the opportunity to experience what so many of us were fortunate to experience and for the veterans who want to be a part of something special, genuine and authentic once again.

    Foundation is built by people who for many years have been part of the vibrant underground house scene in NYC and who care deeply for its survival and continuation. Foundation is not about the individual, but about the bringing together of creative people in order to create an experience that could not be done otherwise.

    Foundation does not follow trends and we will not be confined or limited. We blur the lines of division and march to the beat of our own drum. We enjoy the freedom that this allows and we hope you will too.

    See YOU There!


    David Liam
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    Good to hear this.
    I’ll be back in NYC in May.
    Keep me updated 😉
    David Liam

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    I’ll be back in NYC in May.
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