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    Guys can you help me please?
    Yesterday I was finishing a new Progressive House track. When I was mixing, I was comparing it with Dear Life by Dannic, and my track actually sound good if I compared, but the problem came when I tried to master the track. When I maximize the track and I had a commercial volume, I realized that my leads were like inside a can, don’t know how to explain it, like they weren’t natural (so bad quality comparing to Dear Life ones). I decided not compress, eq and those things and just maximize the track to see if the problem was in the mastering, but no, the problem was there.
    I think that when I was mixing, it sound good to me because I did with a low volume, but, do you know why the leads sound like this? Any tip? PLEASE

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    U got Mac or Win ?

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    It’s probably distortion, ease off on the limiter or whatever you have on the master, it’s better to have good audio in my opinion than loudness, we can always just turn it up! ; )

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