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    Kysil Maxim, better known as Max Freegrant, was born in the country of Ukraine back in 1989. He picked up music at a young age and has been producing some of the highest quality Trance music for the last decade. The talented artist has landed releases on labels such as Armada, Anjunabeats, Black Hole Recordings, and Zerothree, en route to establishing a successful platform of his own, Freegrant Music, while racking up support from some of the scene’s heavyweights every step of the way. As 2017 is now well under way, Freegrant prepares for the release of his brand new artist album titled Wonderful Life coming out this May. After a lengthy two years of work, the finished product is a seventeen track masterpiece that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of Trance fanatics.

    ‘Arrow’ sets the album’s tone early on. Shot right from the production bow of Freegrant and Brian Liedl, they quickly center a soft melody over a succulent guitar riff when Mike Schmidt’s soothing vocals join, rounding out a full-bodied release.

    ‘Wonderful Life’ is Max Freegrant’s first solo offering on the album and the LP’s title track. As Max develops a quick pace early on, the playful synth melodies deliver a smooth progression that flashes Freegrant’s diversity early on in the LP.
    Tracks such as ‘Titan’ take the musical journey a bit deeper, using the blank musical canvas to cast a vibrating synth line over the track’s sturdy, percussive backbone. Freegrant then dials in the synths, tightens the percussion, and goes full on Progressive Tech heater for a solid 5 minutes, giving but a glimpse of his diversity as a producer.

    Luscious pads lead listener’s unknowingly in to the soft, yet commanding vocals of Brandon Hills as the album’s sound comes full circle on the ‘War Goes On’. Hungry ears will feast on the crisp hi hat beat while the lyrics satisfy just about any other audible craving you may have leading up to the track’s eruption of synths and energy just after 3 minutes in.
    If you thought Max was done there, ‘Acid Drums In Your Face’ take the LP to a level of energy previously unseen on the first half of the album. A clash of full, Tribal influenced drums are ushered in by the pulsing synth, cueing the release of the always distinguishable 303 synthesizer.

    Continuing to take any and all who are willing through his musical soundscape, the album really takes off with ‘Space Odyssey’. If you like fat, wobbly synths and driving rhythms, then this is your cut. Undeniably, this is the most Techno influenced track of the LP as Max fluidly goes from strength to strength display a vast knowledge of production beyond any certain style.

    Max Freegrant Socials: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

    1 Max Freegrant & Bryan Liedl ft. Mike Schmid – Arrow (Album Mix)
    2 Max Freegrant – Wonderfuk Life (Original Mix)
    3 Max Freegrant & Chris Willis – Slippin Away (Original Mix)
    4 Max Freegrant – Titans (Original Mix)
    5 Max Freegrant ft. Pryce Oliver – Shame (Original Mix)
    6 Max Freegrant – Sands of Time (Original Mix)
    7 Max Freegrant ft. Brandon Hills – War Goes On (Original Mix)
    8 Max Freegrant Yura (Album Mix)
    9 Max Freegrant – Fall In Love (Original Mix)
    10 Max Freegrant – Ronin (Original Mix)
    11 Max Freegrant – Acid Drums In Your Face (Original Mix)
    12 Max Freegrant – Echo (Original Mix)
    13 Max Freegrant – Crusade (Original Mix)
    14 Max Freegrant – Fire & Ice (Original Mix)
    15 Max Freegrant – Space Odyssey (Original Mix)
    16 Max Freegrant – A Million Smiles (Original Mix)
    17 Max Freegrant ft. Tim Hilberts – Fingerprints (Album Mix)

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