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  • Doom
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    I plan to use Ableton Live as my main DAW, and am coming at this mainly from the DJ side of things, so will be mainly working with loop based music, and am not musically trained, but want to get back into doing re-edits, and creating my own house/techno tracks.

    I was thinking of getting the new Maschine Mk3 when it comes out, to jam with and use the pads to play in notes/chords/loops, but someone suggested to me that I would be better off starting with the Komplete Kontrol S49 Mk2, as that is better integrated with Ableton Live.

    Eventually I would like both, but I can only get one to start with.

    What do people here suggest?

    David Liam
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    … HI, better if you try it both before…
    Both are good… but it depends form your tastes 🙂

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