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  • David Liam
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    i want to dedicate this special Forum room to James Brown…
    please use it for your message to James !


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    The world has lost one of the greatest of all times. It feels so sad. I saw him live in Stockholm only 5 months ago and he looked so vivid. I will remember that evening in july for the rest of my life.

    Funk heaven up until I get there James…!


    // Anders, Stockholm, Sweden.

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    Yea awesome guy. I remember he came in blues brothers haha. You

    know there’s two dance songs called “James brown is dead” and “James

    brown’s still alive”. Like…..what’s the inspiration behind that? lol

    NeWays, his legend will live on as always.

    You rock man!

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    I will truly miss his funkiness but it will always be in the rest of us!!!!He gave so much to us now its time to keep it going!

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    Your music inspired millions of people.

    You have brought some genius..

    No body can forget all you have achieved.

    Rest in peace, godfather.

    Carlos Vargas
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    One of my greatest musical idols is gone, but his wonderful legacy will remain forever, and i will be here to pass it to my son, hoping that he will do it with his son also and so on…

    Touch the stars, James Brown…

    Carlos Vargas

    The Sexicanz
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    yea james brown a real outlaw! the origional. hardest workin man in show buisness.
    he trained bootsy hard and if he didn’t do that then we wouldn’t have pfunk, cause george clinton admits that he laerned all about bass lines from bootsy , all that “on the one” (funk) came from james brown.
    they wouldn’t play his music in tennesy so he bought three radio stations down there.
    always persecuted for being a succesfull black man thrown in and out of jail and prizon, he held his own a true inspiration for and musician.
    he practiced hard and ran his band strictly he would kick you out if you didn’t follow his orders, people didn’t understand but thats what kept him head and shoulders above the rest.
    Rest in peace Mr Brown.
    I will always play your music.
    ps:there is a legendary San francisco mixed tape by dj dan made in the early ninties with all james brown trax origional pressing was a red cassete. don’t sleep, share it if you got it.

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    I want to say thanks to James Brown wherever he might be.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of you with all of us!

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    JAMES BROWN influenced my music tastes when i was a young boy. i remember i was 14 when get up like a sex machine came out and began a great funk succes played in many discos…..and it’s played nowadays too…

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    I first saw JB back in 1965 after he did the TAMI Show on film. If anyone of you out there have never seen this video then you must because it shows what the essence of James Brown was all about. Mr Dynamite was what cool was all about. I saw him later at the Bell Auditorium in 1968 and he showed up at the side door of the Bell dressed in tight orange pants and an orange sweater with no shirt on. To say he looked baaaadddd! was an understatement. I am keenly aware of all the problems he has had over the years but his music to me has overcome these things. Augusta is lucky to have had many great R&B acts over the years including Leroy Lloyd and the Swinging Dukes, Little Genie Brooks, Leon Austin, Mickey Murray, The Zippers with Cadillac on drums. I still wish these folks were with us playing at the AMVETS and even though I am a white guy and might have some problem getting in it would still be worth it.

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    GODFATHER of soul RIP.. Little do people know that his song ” get on the good foot” inspired a whole new era of dancing. He was responsible for help creating Breakdancing, a global phenomena to this day.. and I say thank you. without him I would have never found house music.

    thank you James..

    thank you

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