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    For exercise, I am listening to “air checks” I made from KTU (N.Y.) over 15 years ago and the few DJ Scribble music mixes are great….but I am needing some new material about now. I have hours and hours of 90’s – early 2000 music from KTU on…..are you ready…..cassette tape (pretty embarrassing), but I have finally exhausted my ability to hear the same music over and over and am looking for new. I exercise to this music and the energy as well as the beat keeps me going…….which says much for this music as I am 70.

    Can’t grab music from the “air” anymore because it is not the music I care for.
    Don’t want any rap; small techno ok, looking for strong dance beat to dial into and zone out on for the exercise.

    Unsure how to sample an album or MP3 collection before buying if that is possible? I read reviews of dance mixes, but I am gun shy from not being able to hear it.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction or offer some advice, I would be grateful.

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