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    Hi there all, this is Traveller from the UK.
    A short history – in the mid-80s I was a ‘vinyl mixer’ in nightclubs/music bars in the Nottingham area. Happy memories of humping boxes of records from venue to venue 6 nights a week and joking soul/r&b/electro etc.! ‘Fraid the real world took over and I had to make some work choices that took me away from the are – sad but necessary.
    Anyhow, now in the Manchester area and, thanks to Creamfields, have rediscovered dance music, particularly EDM. YouTube has never been so well used, my fave DJs being Armin and Martin among others; thanks guys for lighting up my musical life again.
    Now a couple of questions/observations:-
    1) I really envy the DJs of today who only have cds/mem.sticks to carry about!!
    2) How do the pros put there sets together? Just a couple of discs/sticks and away they go??
    3) Do they really mix live or just twiddle knobs for effect?

    Enough from me now – happy tracking y’all :-))

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